Drill Team

We are proud to be Sponsored by:

Banshee Ranch is proud to host our very own drill team! Rhythm & Reins was started in 2012 by a team of girls looking to try something new. The team is Divascurrently composed of 20 young girls that range  from 8 to 18 years of age.  They love drill team and live to ride their horses.  The team performs at rodeos and several parades.  The girls look forward to entertaining people with their skill while having fun and showing how much time, dedication and heart goes in to their horses and the team.Jordan

Interested in joining Rhythm & Reins?  Come watch a practice and try out for the team. Tryouts are first two weeks of October by private appointment at Banshee Ranch.  Please email Della at Banshee1984@hotmail.com  to sign up!
Newdrill riders do not have to own their own horse, they can lease from Banshee.  They do not have to have previous drill team experience, just a solid riding foundation.  Riders have to be able to make practices ( Day will be decided by vote of current members ), ride a horse at a walk, trot and canter with 2 hands on the reins, correctly ask the horse to accelerate/decelerate quickly, back up and pivot.  Most importantly they must be willing to dedicate themselves to the team!


* Weekly Practice

Novice (walk trot performances) Team 5:00pm Thursday

Advanced Team 6:15pm Thursday

* October 22nd – October Fall Festival Fundraiser (Pending)

* December 10th at 11:00 a.m. – Christmas Parade Montgomery

* April-June – Banshee Summer Show Performances (dates to be announced)

* July 4th at 8:00 a.m. – 4th of July Parade

* June – State Championships (pending release date)


More performances will be booked as different associations post their schedule for the year.

At the beginning of each month, you will be asked to sign up for which events you are able to attend. If there are any extra costs associated with these, it will be highlighted next to the event. We understand that due to hectic family schedules, not everyone will be able to attend everything,  but once you sign up for an event, there will be a $40 fine if you fail to show. This is due to most events being partner activities, and you will be leaving another member without a partner.

For events, we understand that not every parent will be able to go to everything. While certain parents are going to be in charge of hauling  our horses to events, other parents can help out in other ways such as providing drinks, snacks, and other things to make the events go smoothly. Each of these volunteer roles will be assigned the week before the event to give everyone plenty of notice. It is an expectation that every parent help out in some way.


  • $100 Sign Up Fee (One time fee)
  • $40 Monthly Membership fee
  • $200 Buy out of Fundraising activities.
  • Participation is limited by available horses so please be sure to get in tryouts early. 
  •  There will be no cost per practice or per performance.
  • In order to keep cost low, we will be doing several fundraisers and seeking sponsors.
  • The individual riders will be responsible for purchasing their own costume/uniforms for each event but the ranch will provide the Drill Tack for the horses.



Participants on drill team are role models for Banshee and our community.  As such, we have an expectation that they treat others kindly, refrain from gossip and negative attitudes, and have an inclusive mentality.  This year we’d like to keep the rules simple:

  • Rider must be at the practice before a performance to be in performance unless excused.
  • Rider must be paid up on your dues before each performance.
  • Rider must participate in 50% of the Drill Teams “desensitizing classes” which are to be held once a month.
  • Rider or family member must participate in 75% of fundraiser activities. This responsibility can be relieved by a $200 buy out option.
  • Rider must own or lease a horse to be used for drill.  In place of a lease, rider can be enrolled full time in lesson program (minimum 4 lessons a month)


Fundraising:  We will be looking for sponsors to allow us the financial flexibility by our member’s better costumes and other occurring expenses that come from showing and traveling with the team. We will also be doing some fund-raising activities. If you wish to buy out of participating in the fundraiser, the buyout is $200 accepted at the beginning of the season. Otherwise, you’ll be expected to participate at 75% of the fundraising activities.